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Ory makes the digital world a more secure place

01The Ory Team

The best team for the job

Our mission is to secure the digital world. At Ory, we strive to create a product that has a positive impact on how the internet works, enhance security for everyone and make an impact on society.

Adam Wałach - Engineering
Adam WałachEngineering
Founder and CTO Aeneas Rekkas
Aeneas RekkasCTO, Founder
Alano Terblanche, Engineering
Alano TerblancheEngineering
Andreas Bucksteeg, VP Engineering
Andreas BucksteegEngineering
Arne Luenser - Engineering
Arne LuenserEngineering
Ferdynand Naczynski, Engineering
Ferdynand NaczynskiEngineering
Henning Perl, Engineering
Henning PerlEngineering
Jakub Blaszczyk, Engineering
Jakub BlaszczykEngineering
John Curran - Design
John CurranDesign
Engineering Jonas Hungershausen
Jonas HungershausenEngineering
Klaus Herrmann, Head of Product
Klaus HerrmannHead of Product
Leonie Habermann, Managing Director
Leonie HabermannManaging Director
Michael Kuckuk, Engineering
Michael KuckukEngineering
Miłosz Szekiel, Engineering
Miłosz SzekielEngineering
Oleksandra Talalaieva, Engineering
Oleksandra TalalaievaEngineering
Patrik Neu, Engineering
Patrik NeuEngineering
Piotr Mścichowski - Engineering
Piotr MścichowskiEngineering
Ricardo Osório Santos
Ricardo Osório SantosUser Experience
Thomas Aidan Curran
Thomas Aidan CurranCEO, Founder
Vincent Kraus, Developer Relations
Vincent KrausDeveloper Relations

Board of Advisors

Ankur Kamalia
Ankur KamaliaFounder/CFO Sarsen
Christopher Burghardt
Christopher BurghardtSustainable capital investor
Kelvin Thompson
Kelvin ThompsonFounder/CEO Monterosa
Lloyd Taylor
Lloyd TaylorFounder/CEO Alembic
Mario Vuksan
Mario VuksanFounder/CEO Reversing Labs

Board of Directors

Colin Hanna
Colin HannaPartner, Balderton Capital
George Matthew
George MatthewManaging Director, Insight Partners
Paul Wahl
Paul WahlIndependent Board Member

The best community in the world

Ory is a community of collaborators, friends, and makers of wonderful software. The Ory Community works together to create useful products. We thank everyone involved for submitting new ideas, sending bug reports, writing feature requests, patching code, and sponsoring our work.

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