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Ory develops superior authentication, authorization, and user management solutions for other excellent products.

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Easy integrations for your stack

Ory already works with what you’re doing. Lots of easy ways to make tools, software, platforms and coding languages your business uses work with Ory.

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Extensive documentation

Everything you need to know about Orys technology is in the documentation.

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Resources for success

There is a whole community to help you succeed with an active developer Slack Channel and GitHub Discussions. You can also contact us to create a custom package for your business.


Ory Open Source Software

Ory is an extensive set of open source software projects. Together they represent Kratos, Hydra, Oathkeeper, Keto.

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Billions of Identities.

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs. Ory technology secures billions of identity requests.

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