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Ory Cloud Roadmap

This document outlines our product development plans for Ory Cloud for the next quarters. Please note that our roadmap is subject to change therefore do not treat the information below as fixed. Our Product Development Team is actively working on the roadmap, triaging, and (re)prioritizing to deliver the best value for our customers.


Users are often asking when a particular feature will be implemented or when it can be expected to be available. This document provides our high-level plans in a more time frame focus manner.

We will also create Github Project Board in Ory Cloud GitHub repository with issues and timelines reflecting our plan presented down below. Issues will provide more detailed descriptions.

Q3 2021

  • Enriching Ory Cloud Console capabilities
    • Detailed view for identities
    • SDK URLs for project overview
  • Configuration for redirection flows
    • Post login and registration redirection
    • Post settings,verification and recovery redirection

Q4 2021

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Self-service in Ory Cloud Console
  • Extending identity management self-service capabilities
    • Updating and deleting identities
    • Recovering an identity with email code
  • Bring your own UI
    • Self-service in Ory Cloud Console
  • Extending documentation
    • Documenting all public APIs
    • Refactoring examples with support for 2 to 3 programming languages (Go,NodeJs,...)

Q1 2022

  • Ory Project membership
    • Inviting users with a confirmation
    • Removing members of Ory Project
    • Assigning roles to members
    • Updating member roles
  • Self-service for integration with Social Identity Providers
    • Sign in with Google
    • Sign in with Github
    • Sign in with Facebook
  • Session management
    • Display active identity sessions in the project
    • Revoke identity session
  • Extended Ory Project management capabilities
    • Administrative dashboard
    • Deactivating project
    • Deleting project


We highly value feedback from Ory Cloud users as well as Open Source adopters. If you have feedback you would like to share, or you have not found a certain feature please use GitHub Discussions or directly contact us on the Ory Slack.