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Early Access

The Ory Platform (our new SaaS offering) is currently in early access and invite-only. We are using our hardened and proven open source stack (e.g. Ory Kratos), but some things are yet to be done:

  1. All data in the dashboard is synthetic.
  2. Personal Access Tokens are an interim solution for accessing our APIs. We will be migrating to mTLS and OAuth2 flows where applicable in the future.
  3. The Ory Proxy is in pilot phase and does not yet support Let's Encrypt and other advanced use cases.
  4. While our SRE team is working around the clock, we can currently not provide SLAs or availability guarantess.
  5. Documentation is lacking.
  6. Advanced configuration of Ory Kratos is currently not possible.

We have several things on the roadmap for this year:

  1. Multi-region deployments
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication
  3. Offering Ory Keto
  4. Offering Ory Hydra
  5. Managed UI customizability
  6. Support configuration options from the open source

This list is going to expand and maintained in the future.

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