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Version: v1.8

hydra clients delete

hydra clients delete#

Delete an OAuth 2.0 Client


This command deletes one or more OAuth 2.0 Clients by their respective IDs.

Example: hydra clients delete client-1 client-2 client-3

hydra clients delete <id> [<id>...] [flags]


  -h, --help   help for delete

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --access-token string    Set an access token to be used in the Authorization header, defaults to environment variable OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN      --config string          Config file (default is $HOME/.hydra.yaml)      --endpoint string        Set the URL where ORY Hydra is hosted, defaults to environment variable HYDRA_ADMIN_URL. A unix socket can be set in the form unix:///path/to/socket      --fail-after duration    Stop retrying after the specified duration (default 1m0s)      --fake-tls-termination   Fake tls termination by adding "X-Forwarded-Proto: https" to http headers      --skip-tls-verify        Foolishly accept TLS certificates signed by unkown certificate authorities