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Version: v0.6

User Logout

Ory Kratos supports two logout flows:

  • Browser-based (easy): This flow works for all applications running on top of a browser. Websites, single-page apps, Cordova/Ionic, and so on.
  • API-based (advanced): This flow works for native applications like iOS (Swift), Android (Java), Microsoft (.NET), React Native, Electron, and others.

Self-Service User Logout for Browser Applications

WARNING - This flow is currently vulnerable to CSRF attacks because anyone can direct your users to the logout endpoint. A future release of Ory Kratos will use POST Forms with Anti-CSRF Tokens to prevent this problem. This is tracked as kratos#142.

To log a user out, all you have to do is to direct the browser to http://ory-kratos-public/self-service/browser/flows/logout. After successful logout, the browser will be redirected either to the return_to query parameter from the initial request URL, or fall back to the default_browser_return_url value set in Ory Kratos' configuration file:


Self-Service User Logout for API Clients

This will be addressed in a future release of Ory Kratos.