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In this guide, we will set up a hardened, fully functional authentication system with Flutter Web using Ory Kratos, an open-source identity and authentication service written in Golang.

It will take you about ~10 minutes to complete this guide. This guide is for you if you are looking to:

  • Use the Ory Kratos API.
  • Create a custom user interface for the Ory Kratos Self Service Flows in Flutter Web.

Follow the step-by-step guide to add authentication to your Flutter web application and screens for:

  • Login
  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • Update password
  • Recover password
  • Verify account

You can find the source code for this guide on GitHub: iglu-ory-kratos-example.

Run the example

To run the example, clone the repository to your computer.

git clone
cd iglu-ory-kratos-example

Should you not have Ory Kratos installed, please follow these instructions.

To test the features of this example run Kratos locally:

kratos serve --config ./test/kratos.yml --dev

Should you have problems running this command, you check the identity schema path in the Ory Kratos configuration kratos.yml.

Now run the project on Chrome and test how it works.

Flutter API Flows

First of all, we implement flows essential for Ory Kratos to work.

Flutter User Login API Flow

This code generates the SelfServiceLoginFlow, which will be used in the Login screen:

Flutter User Registration API Flow

This code generates the SelfServiceRegistrationFlow, which will be used in the Registration screen:

Flutter User Settings API Flow

This code generates the SelfServiceSettingsFlow, which will be used in the Settings screen.

Flutter Authentication Screens

Now let us take a look at the different screens you can find in lib/screens. There isn't anything special happening there, but if you intend to change the layout you can look here. For example like so:

Flutter Login Widget Example

Flutter Login Widget

The User Login widget uses the dart native code and performs a User Login API Flow.

Flutter Registration Widget Example

Flutter Registration Widget

The User Registration widget uses the dart native code and performs a User Registration API Flow.

Flutter Navigation User Settings Widget Example

Flutter Navigation User Settings Widget

The User Settings widget performs a User Settings API Flow, receives the users authentication session and displays all relevant information, and also gives users the ability to change the password and to change their profile traits.

Adding Authentication to a Flutter Web App From Scratch

With this example, you have a starter project to add user authentication out of the box with Ory Kratos in Flutter.

Real Production-Ready App with Flutter Web

If you are interested in seeing an actual project based on this, we invite you to look at our unique solution that offers Ory Kratos based on this example.


We have now implemented Ory Kratos Authentication with Login, Registration, Profile Management in Flutter Web!
Thanks for taking the time to follow this guide and hopefully, it helps you build secure web apps more smoothly. The IGLU Ory Kratos example is open source and available on github, please consider starring the repository.

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