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Stephen Hoogendijk - CTO,

"With Ory implementing multi-factor authentication was just matter of ticking a checkbox. Then all our users had the option to use TOTP and WebAuthn. It just worked like that - whereas at other providers you get charged a premium for basic security features like multi-factor authentication."

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The challenge faced the challenge of finding a authentication solution that was cost-effective to support a large user base and put the user experience first, while providing robust security features. When it came to selecting a new long-term identity provider for, Ory stood out from the rest. The team was impressed by Ory’s commitment to putting the needs of customers first and the collaborative spirit of the Ory developer community.

The solution

Once the team began working with Ory, they were blown away by their friendly, and collaborative and professional support. Feedback was quickly incorporated, and the team felt valued and important throughout the process. One of the biggest advantages of Ory Network are the streamlined security features. The team was delighted to discover that Ory included multi-factor authentication and other advanced security features at no extra cost. This saved them a significant amount of time and effort, as the integration process was straightforward, fast and easy to use. Furthermore, Ory's scalability and cost-effectiveness enabled the team to increase their user base without incurring any unexpected expenses.

The results

The decision to choose Ory paid off, delivering a scalable, fast and cost-effective solution that allowed the client to expand their user base without incurring excessive costs. Even when compared on the “Scale” and “Enterprise” plans, Ory's pricing remained lower than competitors. found comfort in knowing that as their business grows, they can continue to rely on Ory's collaborative nature and cost-effective plans. They recognized that maintaining a positive relationship with Ory as their technology provider is crucial for long-term success, and Ory's dedication to understanding their specific use case and actively addressing feedback has secured their believe in Ory as the right choice.

The conclusion

In conclusion, Ory's user-centric focus, collaborative spirit, and cost-effective scalability have proven to be a winning formula for business owners seeking a software solution that not only meets their needs but actively values their input. Even as continues to scale up, they are confident that Ory and the Ory Network will continue to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Ory’s commitment to user-centricity, collaboration, and openness sets them apart from other providers in the industry. The future looks bright for and companies that embrace Ory's approach, fostering long-term partnerships that drive mutual success.

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About Ory

Security and industry experts with a proven track record and the world’s largest open-source community for cloud software application security are building Ory. Ory is scalable and performant, it installs on every software stack, and delivers a variety of industry and best-practice standards such as OAuth 2.0 / OAuth 2.1, OpenID Connect, Zero Trust Networking, Google Zanzibar Policy Framework, FIDO2 U2F, WebAuthn, TOTP, and more. Ory is in use in high-security industries in large-scale use cases from eCommerce to finance and powers billions of requests monthly.

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