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Regional data storage. For each user.

No matter where your customers are, Ory simplifies customer data management with compliant, multi-region storage solutions. Choose your data region for granular compliance and improved performance.

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Global data. Local compliance.

Give your company the edge with data control, compliance, and exceptional performance.

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User-level identity storage for enterprises

Global customers

Let users self-select their location or create your own custom region selection flow.

Granular compliance

Need one identity stored in the EU, another in the US, and another in Asia? Ory’s granular controls will give global enterprises total control of identity data.

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Choose from data centers in the EU, North America, and Asia-Pacific regions.

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GDPR. ISO 27001. SOC2. CCPA. No matter the acronym, we have you covered.

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Edge network

Ultra fast authentication and authorization checks for applications that fly.

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Multiple data centers around the globle ensure your data stays accessible in an outage scenario.

Multi-region is coming soon

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Multi-region is coming soon for enterprise level plans. Need auth sooner? Ory has something for everyone with frictionless auth, planet-scale permissions, and our modular, zero trust architecture.

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