No sweat authentication for NextJS/React

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Examples of headless login and registrations forms with different styles using the Ory Network.

> Supports Vercel Edge Functions

Lightning fast

Onboard users without friction. Integrate with a few lines of code.

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> Painless Identity & User Management

Remove complexity

Security does not have to be bulky: Ory Kratos is a fully featured user management system in a lightweight Docker image.

Integrate anywhere

Ory Kratos works with any UI framework and only a few lines of code are required to get it up and running.

> Bursting with features

Configurable login and registration flows, MFA with FIDO2 & Webauthn, custom identity models, bring your UI and more.

> Deploy your style

Use Ory Identities on the Ory Network with a few clicks, or self-host Ory Kratos on Docker, your favourite OS, or a Raspberry PI.

> Its open source

Avoid lock-in and trust in a product built by the open source community.

Billions of Identities

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs.


> Requests secured overall


> Docker pulls overall


> GitHub stars overall

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