OAuth2.0 APIs for Ory Network on the horizon

A new year starts and we have been making good progress towards Ory Hydra 2.0. This means OAuth2.0 and OIDC APIs will soon be available in the Ory Network.

OAuth2.0 service coming to the Ory Network

While Ory Hydra 2.0 is a major version update, there will be a very low number of breaking changes. The update will particularly improve performance and manage data growth rates for huge workloads.
For a deep dive into the Ory Hydra 2.0 code visit PR #2796.

New Features in Ory Hydra 1.11.0 🎉

A massive release powered by you - the Ory Community .

Support for Hardware Security Models

Ory Hydra now lets you load public and private keys from a Hardware Security Module (HSM). An HSM is a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys, performs encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures, strong authentication, and other cryptographic functions. Thank you @aarmam for this amazing work! For more information, please read the guide.

OIDC/OAuth2.0 Dynamic Client Registration

Ory Hydra now natively supports the OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration and OAuth2 Dynamic Client Registration Protocol. This optional capability can be enabled in the configuration. Thank you @fjvierap for your hard work!

JWT Profile for OAuth2.0 Grants (RFC7523)

Ory Hydra now supports an improved integration API for JSON Web Token (JWT) profile for OAuth 2.0 authorization grants. This improved API makes it easier to integrate a variety of devices and applications into Ory Hydra. Many thanks to @Xopek and @jagobagascon for this contribution!

Support for ARM64 (Apple M1, FreeBSD, Linux ARM)

We now distribute binaries and Docker images for all platforms and CPU architectures, including Apple M1 (ARMv6), ARMv7, ARMv8, Linux (ARM6, ARM7, ARM8) and a new platform: FreeBSD.

Lastly, we resolved a bug in the configuration loading which now allows loading complex configuration keys from environment variables without hassle!

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