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Ory offers reliable APIs and services for authentication, authorization, access control, and delegation.

/ kratos

User Management

Cloud native user management system. Provision IDs, store user information, configure authentication methods and use a headless API.

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/ hydra

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Certified® OpenID Connect server. Cloud native, security-first, headless API security for your infrastructure.

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/ oathkeeper

Identity and Access Proxy

Identity and Access Proxy (IAP). Authenticate, authorize and mutate any incoming traffic, using Zero Trust / BeyondCorp as open source.

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/ keto

Global access control

Authorization Server inspired by Google's consistent, global Authorization System, providing granular access policies with RBAC, ABAC and ACL.

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Ory Open Source Ecosystem

Ory builds a rich and open ecosystem of tools and libraries for developers. If you find anything useful, be sure to leave a star to promote the project!

Dockertest helps you boot up docker images for your Go tests with minimal work.

Extensible OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect SDK for Go. Ory Hydra is based on this.

SDKs for all popular programming languages, generated using openapi-generator.

For a list of Helm charts and their configuration options please visit k8s.ory.sh.

Frontend Examples

Example frontend applications as reference for developers. For Ory Kratos and Ory Hydra, written in React, ExpressJS, NodeJS, and NextJS.

Implementation for the ORY Hydra User Login and Consent interface written in TypeScript and ExpressJS.

Add login, registration, account recovery (password reset), account verification (email verification), social sign-in, multi-factor authentication to your NextJS/React App.

A React Native reference implementation of an app using ORY Kratos for login, sign up, profile settings, MFA/2FA, account recovery, and more.

A reference implementation for Ory Kratos in NodeJS/ExpressJS/Handlebars/NextJS. It implements all Ory Kratos flows.

This repository contains a reference implementation for Ory Kratos' in ReactJS / NextJS. It implements all Ory Kratos flows (login, registration, account settings, account recovery, account verification).

Tools & Libraries

In-house open source tools and libraries that we use in development every day.

A lightweight Go library for writing responses and errors to HTTP, serves millions of requests daily through Ory Hydra.

Best practice HTTP server configurations and helpers for Go 1.8's HTTP graceful shutdown feature.

An SDK for access control policies: authorization for the microservice and IoT age. Inspired by AWS IAM policies.

A tool for reporting accurate Code Coverage in Golang. Cross platform (OsX, Windows, Linux).

Automation tooling and robots for Ory's Continous Integration/Delivery pipelines.

Shared libraries used in the ORY ecosystem. Use at your own risk. Written in Go.

A very simple CLI helper that encrypts files in directories using AES-GCM (128bit).

The prettier config used by all ORY projects, on opinionated code styling focused on readability and clarity.

A simple wrapper that reduces boilerplate code when using redux-saga in combination with async backend calls.

GitHub Actions

Ory maintained automation for GitHub. Automate your GitHub workflows in Ory style.

A GitHub action to open an issue when GitHub references in your code are closed.

A GitHub action for working with protocol buffers, to build and lint protobuf using buildbuf.

Generates a markdown document based on milestones, issues, pull requests, and labels.

A GitHub action that synchronizes issue labels across GitHub repositories.

Scripts for automating regular Ory CI tasks: Generating SDKs and changelogs as well as releasing new versions.

Billions of Identities

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs.


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Ory is a project where they are creating the wheel once for everyone. #HackerProof.

Yuvraj Yadav

Software Engineer, Union.ai

At Sainsbury’s Tech we use Ory tools to power our identity platform, My ID. My ID handles identity for major brands across the group including Nectar, Groceries On-line and SmartShop.

Paul Harman

Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s Tech

We enjoy using Ory because of the simplicity to integrate thanks to its modularity, its active and vocal developer base, and the extent to and ease by which Ory tools can be configured.

Matt Brown

Vice President of Engineering, Dante Labs

> Modern tooling

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SDKs for any language, clear documentation, tutorials, and community support are our standards. Our open-source approach also means you get to participate in API and architecture discussions - your next PR will be a part of Ory.

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We love our CLI - it has everything you would want and that's why you'll love it, too. It works on all operating systems and CPUs.

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Explore Ory and the future of identity. Breeze through technical concepts, level up with our tutorials or master our extensive API reference.

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