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Introducing Ory Kratos v1.0: The Milestone Release

Ory Kratos v1.0

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Ory Kratos v1.0, our powerful Identity, User Management and Authentication system! With this major update, Ory Kratos brings a lot of enhancements and fixes that greatly improve the user experience and overall performance.

Ory Kratos has graduated to a 1.0 release!

Several compelling reasons led us to label Ory Kratos as a major release. Firstly, we've maintained stability within the Kratos APIs for two years, demonstrating their robustness and reliability. This absence of breaking changes indicates that developers can trust the stability of our APIs when integrating them into their applications.

Secondly, Ory Kratos has processed over 100 million API requests daily and about 100 million Docker Pulls. Furthermore, it has been in production use within our Ory Network for over a year, proving its robustness, scalability and performance under real-world conditions. Such widespread adoption and usage give us the confidence to declare Ory Kratos as a mature and reliable solution.

Additionally, we are proud to have gained the trust of prominent adopters such as Back Market, Fandom, and OVHcloud. Their validation of Ory Kratos showcases its effectiveness and reliability in handling complex authentication requirements.

Guaranteed Backwards Compatibility:

Starting from version 1.0, we assure you that the Ory Kratos APIs will be backwards compatible within the v1 series. This commitment ensures that your integration efforts remain intact as you leverage the power of Ory Kratos.

Exciting New Features in Ory Kratos 1.0:

While maintaining our focus on stability, robustness, and performance, resulting in faster response times and improved overall efficiency, we are pleased to introduce some remarkable new features in Ory Kratos 1.0. Let's take a look at the highlights:

  • Support for social login and single-sign-on via OpenID connect in native apps, using the native flows APIs
  • Sending emails via HTTP: We have introduced support for sending emails via HTTP, which can be seamlessly integrated with CRM systems for enhanced communication and customer relationship management.
  • Compatibility with Ory Hydra v2.2.0: Ory Kratos v1.0 is fully compatible with Ory Hydra v2.2.0, offering a seamless integration experience between the two platforms.
  • Multi-Region Support (Ory Network): Ory Kratos now supports multi-region deployments within the Ory Network, enabling businesses to seamlessly serve users across different geographic locations.
  • Improved export: Support exporting of all credential types, so it's now possible to export all credential types (including passwords).
  • Lark social sign in provider: Ory Kratos now includes support for the Lark provider, expanding the range of identity providers compatible with the system.
  • Improved session management: We have introduced the "provider ID" parameter to the Kratos session, allowing for more granular control over session data and management.
  • Distroless Images: We have introduced distroless images for Ory Kratos, reducing image size and improving deployment speed and resource utilization.

Improvement and fixes

  • Enhanced OIDC flows: Ory Kratos now includes the ability to forward prompt upstream parameters during the OIDC flow, enhancing flexibility and customization options for developers.
  • Logout Flow Enhancement: Ory Kratos now supports the return_to parameter in the logout flow, allowing for more flexible redirection after a user logs out.
  • Performance and stability: A primary focus of Ory Kratos 1.0 was improving stability and performance under significant load. Ory Kratos can now handle hundreds of millions of monthly active users.
  • Bug fixes: We have resolved issues related to certain conditions where users were redirected to incorrect destinations. This fix ensures a smoother authentication and authorization flow within Ory Kratos.
  • Implement crypt(3) hashers: Supporting legacy systems looking to convert to Ory.
  • Metadata Patching Fix: We have addressed an issue that prevented the patching of metadata even when it was null, ensuring consistent behavior and flexibility in managing user metadata.

For a complete list of all new features, fixes, and improvements, please refer to the detailed changelog.

A Shoutout to the Ory Community

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the vibrant and supportive Ory Community. Without your constant support, feedback, and contributions, reaching this significant milestone would not have been possible. As we continue this journey, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Together, we are shaping the future of identity management and authentication in the digital landscape.

Are you passionate about security and want to make a meaningful impact in one of the biggest open source communities? Join the Ory community and become a part of the new stack. Together, we are building the next generation of IAM solutions that empower organizations and individuals to secure their identities effectively.

Unlock the Power of Ory Kratos 1.0: A Milestone Release for Seamless Identity Management and Authentication

Ory Kratos 1.0 is a major release that marks a significant milestone in our journey. With a focus on stability, performance, and new features, we are excited to provide developers with an enhanced experience for managing identities and authentication. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your feedback as we strive to make Ory Kratos even better.

We sincerely hope that you find these new features and improvements in Ory Kratos 1.0 valuable for your projects. To experience the power of the latest release, we encourage you to get the latest version of Ory Kratos here or leverage Kratos in our Ory Network—the easiest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to run Ory.


For organizations seeking to upgrade their self-hosted solution, we offer dedicated support services to ensure a smooth transition. Our team is ready to assist you throughout the migration process, ensuring uninterrupted access to the latest features and improvements. Additionally, we provide various support plans specifically tailored for self-hosting organizations. These plans offer comprehensive assistance and guidance to optimize your Ory deployments and meet your unique requirements.

Get the latest release of Ory Kratos, or join Ory Network, explore our support offerings, and embark on this exciting journey with us. Let us empower your organization with a robust and feature-rich authentication system, backed by our unwavering commitment to developer and customer satisfaction.

Give it a go

Want to check out Ory Kratos yourself? Use these commands to get your Ory Kratos project running on the Ory Network:

# If you don't have Ory CLI installed yet:
bash <(curl -b . ory
sudo mv ./ory /usr/local/bin/

# Sign up
ory auth

# Create project
ory create project --name "My first Kratos project"

# Open sign up screen
ory open account-experience registration

# Change the identity model to be username instead of email (ignore the warnings)
ory patch identity-config \
  --replace '/identity/default_schema_id="preset://username"' \
  --replace '/identity/schemas=[{"id":"preset://username","url":"preset://username"}]' \
  --format yaml

# Open sign up screen again
ory open account-experience registration

Let's Reach the Magic 10k

On a personal note, we're thrilled to share that Ory Kratos currently boasts around 9,000 Github stars. We kindly request your support in helping us reach the magical 10k mark. Head over to our Github repository, star the project, and be part of our growing community!

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