The Ory Manifesto

What We Believe

Ory is more than a company; it is a community in which we create meaningful products that we care about. The people behind Ory share a set of beliefs about how to grow a business, work together, and participate in something that is more than "just a job." We don't work for the sake of working, but to create something of substance together. Our company culture is based on a flat hierarchy and mutual trust. As a community, we adhere to the following principles:

Open Source

Ory creates open source products, meaning that anyone can make a contribution. Open source is an artisan creation model. New hires are encouraged to make improvements to the software on day one. We operate as an inclusive meritocracy in which people are rewarded for the value that they create, regardless of their title. We are transparent. We rely on a willingness to share knowledge and teach each other.

Passion for Product

We are first and foremost a product-centric company where we create exceptional products that exhibit a high degree of usability for a broad number of users. Our products create utility, simplify work processes and improve our customers capability. We are motivated not just by customer satisfaction with the product but also our own.


Ory team members self-govern. We cultivate a flat hierarchy and trust each other to make key decisions (that make sense in one's context). Transparent, frequent and clear communication is very important. We ask for a high degree of self-awareness and self-motivation. We expect team members to learn from failure and to avoid repeating mistakes.

Ask for What You Need

We give people the tools they need to produce their best work. We do not use manipulative motivational schemes to try to coax out high-quality performances. Instead, we offer outcome-oriented remuneration for those who have made a considerable economic impact at Ory.


Everyone at Ory aspires to be a leader in what they do. A good leader is someone who inspires and helps people to achieve their full potential. Ory company leadership walks the walk: they have a clear vision about what Ory stands for and communicates this with their actions.

Forward Thinking Open Source

We aspire to change the way open source collaboration works. We are developing ways to remunerate open source contributors who make an impact on our products, thus rewarding valuable work and incentivizing more collaboration. We work with the community to innovate forward-thinking approaches to artistic creation and reward systems.

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