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Ory lands $22.5M series A funding

Tobias Sahl

Press Release

The open-source cloud security software provider Ory Corp, founded 2019, recently raised a Series A funding round of 22.5 Million USD led by Insight Partners and included its seed investors. Ory plans to use the investment to expand its cloud business operations and add additional personnel. Ory’s Series Seed round of 3.3 million was led by Balderton Capital with participation from In-Q-Tel.

What is Ory?

Ory is an open-source software company dedicated to simplifying zero trust cloud security for application developers by providing a specialized cloud platform that delivers authorization, authentication, ID management, and API protection. Ory uses these open source products in its flagship Ory Network, which provides a low latency global scale network.

Ory maintains numerous open-source software products in the area of zero-trust security. The main products include Kratos for identity management, Hydra for Oauth2 and OIDC, Ory Oathkeeper for reliable and scalable APIs, and Keto for authentication, authorization, access control, and delegation. Ory's products focus on offering diverse options to easily set up and manage identity platforms, authorization, authentication and all within one console. Why Ory? Many developers struggle with the complexities of zero-trust security for cloud computing. In order to reduce friction in onboarding customers, Ory offers endless features, including identity management and authorization that can be set up for a company’s specific needs. Managing customer-relevant information in a secure infrastructure separate from an organisations’s application also has advantages for data privacy, regional compliance for example GDPR, and increased security against data theft.

Ory’s mission is to provide a common access control, authorization and identity infrastructure that manages IAM and the associated data created in cloud applications. Ory helps its customers manage numerous aspects of data protection and data complexity through its multi-cloud and multi-region architecture. Ory’s open source community has already reached tens of thousands of people and projects including Blues Wireless, Segment, and Coinbase. Ory’s founders are open source leaders with experience at SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft and Deutsche Börse Group.

“The challenge facing most developers today is complexity. Building cloud software is a new paradigm involving many evolving technologies. Ory simplifies zero trust security by putting id management, authorisation, and access control into one cloud system that is globally distributed and runs using on multiple clouds.”

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