Support Policy Changes

We appreciate the role of Ory's community in building Ory as the open source standard for identity management, authentication and authorization. The continued cooperation, contributions, feedback, and usage of our open-source projects, like Ory Hydra, Ory Kratos, Ory Keto, and others, is important for Ory. We formalised our support policy to provide a high level of assistance to all users of Ory open source software.

The Open Source support policy at Ory

As Ory's Open Source community has grown tremendously since its inception, we reached a point where we need to formalise the approach for support offered on our community channels, specifically the Ory Community Slack.

Ory will no longer be able to provide free community support to for-profit businesses operating our products in production.

We appreciate the commitment of businesses contributing to the Ory project. While we recognise and value all contributions, they cannot replace the need for paid support services. While we believe in Open Source as the best way to collaborate, create, build, release, and sustain software development, we seek to provide the highest level of support for all community member and commercial organizations.

Ory's Open Source Support is designed to ensure the long term success and sustainability of Ory Open Source Software under the Apache License framework.

What does this mean for you

If you are a business operating Ory Open Source software in production, now you can get much more hands-on support, including private channels, SLAs, custom implementations, migration support, and more! This new offer will enable organizations using Ory to rely on professional, reliable, and contractually guaranteed support for Ory open-source software - even on-premise.

If you are a developer using Ory Open Source for personal projects, open-source work, a proof of concept, or if you are learning, evaluating or otherwise using Ory in a non-profit setting, nothing will change for you. You can still ask questions in the open channels, discuss contributions, and interact with the community and the Ory team. As for providing support for a production grade systems, we will ask you to either sign up for a paid plan on Ory Network or establish a Ory Hybrid Network support agreement for your specific self hosted Ory installation.


We kindly ask organizations operating at the production level and seeking support to contact our sales team or explore the available support options. Our team will be delighted to discuss the various plans and find a support plan for you.

What will happen now

We will restructure the Ory Community Slack. Channels for support get a support- prefix, and users with active subscriptions get an invitation to these channels. Channels for community discussions will be prefixed with talk- and are open to all members of the Ory Community.

This change aims to enhance support accessibility while fostering open conversations within our community. The new support policy will take effect immediately, and restructuring the Slack will be done in the course of August.


If you have any questions about the support policy, please contact [email protected]! Also, feel free to contact us with feedback or other requests.

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