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Case Study

OSINT Case Study

OSINT provides intelligence solutions to law enforcement agencies globally. In 2023 OSINT launched a groundbreaking investigative product to empower investigators with information on individuals of interest. Faced with scaling challenges, OSINT sought an authentication provider that aligns with its commitment to security, scalability, and financial sustainability, leading them to partner with Ory.

Nathaniel Fried - CTO, OSINT Industries

"Changing Auth providers is usually a painful experience - it was great that we could setup Ory so quickly and there weren't any issues."

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The challenge

OSINT Industries faced a sudden surge in user activity, escalating from a thousand to a million users monthly due to a prominent endorsement. Initially, they relied on a well-established auth provider, which unfortunately suffered a data breach and imposed substantial costs based on monthly active users, putting financial strain on the startup. This did not align with their mission to enhance online safety. Unwilling to compromise their commitment to user safety and facing financial constraints, OSINT sought an alternative authentication solution with scalability, cost-effectiveness, and the option to go to production in no time.

The solution

Ory emerged as the ideal solution for OSINT, offering a managed, scalable authentication system and a developer-friendly community. The seamless migration from the previous provider occurred within a weekend, thanks to Ory's efficient identity model. The rapid and smooth transition reinforced the decision to choose Ory as the new authentication provider. Ory's pricing model also aligned perfectly with OSINT's needs.

The results

The migration was done in a week, with no issues encountered. The developer experience was seamless, allowing a quick setup without complications. OSINT appreciated the active developer community, providing a supportive environment for developers. The initial call with the Ory team and subsequent support interactions were positive and contributed to a swift and successful migration. The cost-effectiveness of Ory's solution was a key factor in ensuring the sustainability of OSINT's mission.

The conclusion

Ory provided a seamless transition for OSINT, while addressing scalability and lowering overall costs by 80%. The combination of a robust authentication system, developer-friendly experience, and a cost-effective pricing model solidified Ory's role in supporting OSINT's mission to enhance online safety for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Ory's commitment to security, affordability, and community collaboration aligns seamlessly with OSINT's values, ensuring a reliable and efficient solution for their critical investigative work.

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About Ory

Security and industry experts with a proven track record and the world’s largest open-source community for cloud software application security are building Ory. Ory is scalable and performant, it installs on every software stack, and delivers a variety of industry and best-practice standards such as OAuth 2.0 / OAuth 2.1, OpenID Connect, Zero Trust Networking, Google Zanzibar Policy Framework, FIDO2 U2F, WebAuthn, TOTP, and more. Ory is in use in high-security industries in large-scale use cases from eCommerce to finance and powers billions of requests monthly.

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