Ory Network Service Level Agreement

- Last updated at Apr 22th, 2024

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Services are considered available if the Customer can use the Service APIs and access the application data at the public endpoints of the Service APIs. Availability is measured continuously and calculated in minutes based on a calendar month.


Availability percentage is calculated using the following formula:

availability equation

Planned Downtime

Ory may occasionally schedule Planned Downtimes to technically update, ensure functionality and interoperability, enhance and secure the Service. Ory typically notifies Customers at least seven days before any maintenance via the Ory status page, detailing the nature, scope, and expected duration. Customers can subscribe to receive these notifications via email. Whenever feasible, these downtimes are planned during low-traffic times to minimize substantial impact on Service usage.

Ory aims to limit Planned Downtime to no more than six hours annually.


Downtime refers to the total number of minutes within a calendar month during which the Service is unavailable to the customer.

SLA Exclusions

This SLA doesn't apply to performance or availability issues:

  1. caused by Events outside of Ory's control, including but not limited to:
  • Issues stemming from the Customer or their End Users' hardware, software, or network problems.
  • Corrupted Customer content.
  • Any actions or inactions from the Customer, their employees, agents, contractors, or vendors (excluding Ory).
  • Unauthorized access gained through the Customer’s accounts or equipment.
  1. caused by Customer’s continued use of the Service against Section 9 - Acceptable Use Policy of the Master Terms and Conditions.
  2. caused by Using APIs and features that are in Beta. These are either marked as Beta in the documentation and (if applicable) Ory Console, or the customer has been notified upfront about the Beta Status.
  3. of staging or development environments (See announcement in Ory Network Pricing Update and the respective Ory Network Pricing for Platform / Production Environments ).

Service Credits

  1. The amount and method of calculation of Service Credits are described below in Service Credit Calculation.
  2. Service Credits are the Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any violation of the Service Levels as defined in this document and do not affect the Master Terms.
  3. Service Credits will only be calculated against the Customer’s monthly subscription plan base fee.
  4. Service credits are applied to the next billing cycle after the service credit claim is approved, decreasing the next invoice based on Service Credit Calculation percentage.

Service Credit Claims

  1. To be eligible to submit a Claim, the Customer must first have notified Ory of the specific incident by creating a support ticket in Zendesk within five (5) business days following such incident.
  2. To submit a Claim, Customers must contact Ory as detailed above. Customers must provide reasonable details and sufficient evidence to support any Claim, including but not limited to detailed descriptions of an incident, the duration of such incident, network traceroutes, the URL(s) affected, and any steps taken or attempts made by the Customer to resolve the incident. Customers must submit a claim within 30 days after the end of the month in which the incident that is the subject of such claim occurred.
  3. Ory will use all information reasonably available to it to validate a Claim and make a good faith judgment on whether a Service Credit applies to such Claim.
  4. The amount of Service Credits is defined in Service Credit Calculation.

Service Credit Calculation

Enterprise Tier

Ory Network guarantees a minimum Service Availability of 99.99% for Enterprise-Tier Customers. The availability of the Service APIs for a customer is calculated based on customer claims and Ory’s monitoring.

Availability PercentageService Credit
Less than 99.99% but greater than or equal to 99.95%5%
Less than 99.95% but greater than or equal to 99.00%10%
Less than 99.00% but greater than or equal to 95.00%20%
Less than 95.00% but greater than or equal to 90.00%30%
Less than 90.00% but greater than or equal to 80.00%50%
Less than 80.00% but greater than or equal to 70.00%75%
Less than 70.00%100%