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Case Study

zezam Case Study

zezam is a startup that enables influencers to monetize their reach by recommending products to their followers through social media channels like Instagram and TikTok. Since Instagram users cannot post arbitrary links due to guidelines, zezam provides a perfect solution with their link-in-bio tool. The platform also provides integration with advertisers for affiliate links and analytics around link usage.

Daniel Stockhammer - CTO, Zezam

"The engineers are approachable, Ory openly communicates plans and it feels you are heard even as a small customer as opposed to other providers"

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Learn why zezam chose Ory

The challenge

zezam needed a scalable OpenID Connect certified solution with support for social login to integrate their application seamlessly and reliably with Facebook and Instagram. Initially, zezam started out with their own prototype authentication solution as part of a batteries-included MVP framework. As their platform grew and the maintenance overhead for their own implementation grew, zezam realized the need for a secure and scalable social login solution. They faced the option to build or buy and chose to buy a solution. This would free up their engineers to work on the core product, instead of reinventing the infrastructure wheel once again. During a phase of evaluating possible vendors, they found the pricing at many to be too prohibitive as a young startup with a rapidly growing user and customer base.

The solution

Finally, zezam discovered Ory and identified with Ory’s focus on open source collaboration, developer community, and security-first mindset. Plus, the team felt comfortable knowing that their costs would stay within budget - even while their user base continues to grow exponentially. They found Ory to be a secure and scalable social login solution that met all their requirements. zezam wanted a reliable way to manage their users rather than build it themselves, and Ory provided an excellent solution.

The results

zezam's experience with Ory was very positive. The community and openness of the developers impressed them the most. The unique selling point of Ory is its developer community and approachable engineers. zezam engineers continue to engage with the Ory development team and CTO to get answers directly in the active community Slack. zezam is very happy with the ongoing advancements of Ory Network. The platform continues to introduce new features that add value to their business operations immediately. Ory's commitment to continuous improvement enables zezam to improve their offering and stay up to date on current developments in cloud native security. Not only did zezam profit from great service, Ory also provided them with a secure and scalable social login solution, affordable pricing, and customization options that let their unique brand shine through.

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About Ory

Security and industry experts with a proven track record and the world’s largest open-source community for cloud software application security are building Ory. Ory is scalable and performant, it installs on every software stack, and delivers a variety of industry and best-practice standards such as OAuth 2.0 / OAuth 2.1, OpenID Connect, Zero Trust Networking, Google Zanzibar Policy Framework, FIDO2 U2F, WebAuthn, TOTP, and more. Ory is in use in high-security industries in large-scale use cases from eCommerce to finance and powers billions of requests monthly.

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