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Rethink how you Login

Join the 30k companies that modernized their access control from old log in platforms to an enhanced, trusted user experience. Up and running in hours on the Network or at your own pace self-host.

02Platform Overview

Everything you need to protect small to web-scale applications

The Ory Network has the tools to measure, secure and manage your applications, identities, and services — all in one platform.

Deploy identity features faster


Measure and act on real time telemetry around all your identities and applications.


Pay for active users. Nothing more

Simplicity and fairness are at the heart of our pricing model. Whether it's daily active users, permission checks, or machine-to-machine tokens — you only pay for what you use. Our predictable pricing structure empowers you to budget confidently.

How many unique users per month? 5000
How active are they? Once a month
Once a monthEvery other day
Ory Network
AWS Cognito

Estimates are for 5,000 unique monthly authenticated users that are active once a month. The industry average for daily user activity is about every 4.5 days a month (15% DAU/MAU ratio).


Your stack, Your Auth

We have built Ory to be the most flexible solution and meet your needs, wherever you are. Our tutorials and migration guides make quick work of getting up and running.

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05From our Customers

Don‘t just take our word for it

Learn about the success stories of our partners and customers and why they migrated to Ory.

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The time is now. Start for free

Get started with the Ory Network today and see for yourself why developers around the world are choosing us as their preferred identity infrastructure provider.

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