Open Source Identity Infrastructure

Ory is the only identity platform that can scale indefinitely and is based entirely on open source.

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> Identity & Access Management

Login and Authentication for Applications.

Ory provides open source authentication and access control APIs for everyone.

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Built for developers

Authenticate and manage users, set and check permissions, protect your APIs, applications, and data.

> Secure by design

MFA, permissions and roles, custom branding and flows, OAuth 2.0, OIDC, IAP, RBAC, integrations and more.

> Proven Quality

Ory is rooted in open source software and grows with every community member and pull-request.

> Get started in minutes with Ory Cloud

Hosted by us, Managed by you

Benefit from hardened Ory Open Source services and skip the setup with Ory Cloud.

Ory Open Source Ecosystem Illustration

> Modern tooling

We're all about developer experience

SDKs for any language, clear documentation, tutorials, and community support are our standards. Our open source approach also means you get to participate in API and architecture discussions - your next PR will be shipped in Ory Cloud.

The CLI to get things done

We love working from the CLI - so we built one for Ory that you will love too.

> Customizable UI

Your login, your design

Ory is completely headless - bring your own UI in your favorite language.

Individual styling on user interfaces

Ory is a project where they are creating the wheel once for everyone. #HackerProof.

Yuvraj Yadav

Software Engineer,

At Sainsbury’s Tech we use Ory tools to power our identity platform, My ID. My ID handles identity for major brands across the group including Nectar, Groceries On-line and SmartShop.

Paul Harman

Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s Tech

We enjoy using Ory because of the simplicity to integrate thanks to its modularity, its active and vocal developer base, and the extent to and ease by which Ory tools can be configured.

Matt Brown

Vice President of Engineering, Dante Labs

Billions of Identities

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs.


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Detailed Docs

Get started right away and explore Ory! Review our documentation and breeze through technical concepts, level up with our tutorials or master our extensive API reference.


A helpful community

The Ory Open Source community is a great resource for help and advice. Chat with peers, discuss code and gain insights from the open source at the heart.

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