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Welcome to Ory!

Ory is an open source ecosystem and a cloud offering authentication, authorization, access control, and delegation (OAuth2 & OpenID Connect) services and APIs:

Some parts of Ory are actively being developed. To learn more about roadmap and planned features head over to the roadmap and project maturity.

Why Ory is Different

Ory differentiates from other vendors in the following key areas:

  • Our core services and APIs are developed and licensed under Apache 2.0, allowing you to participate, collaborate, and understand the inner workings of Ory.
  • You can bring your own UI, in the programming language of your choosing, with the user experience that you like.
  • From designing Identity Schemas using JSON Schema, to webhooks, to advanced configuration options - Ory is the most customizable platform out there.
  • Ory spans the whole authentication and authorization universe with well-designed products and APIs:
  • Identity Management with session management, flows for login, registration, account recovery & verification, mfa, and many more.
  • Permission and Role Management.
  • Delegation via OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.
  • Zero Trust Networking.
  • Modern API design with partial support for gRPC.

Ory Cloud

Ory Cloud is the commercial offering of Ory and is built on top of our popular open source software. Our goal with Ory Cloud is to offer a planet-scale, low-latency, resilient, and secure service that's easy to use and set up.

In short: Ory Cloud is the most convenient and straightforward way to run Ory. Sign up at for an account and create a free developer project.


Ory Cloud uses a variety of components - some are based on open source projects and others are closed source.


The Ory Console is the management UI of Ory Cloud. It offers capabilities such as showing and searching for identities, managing user sessions, and gaining valuable insights in the form of dashboards and customization.

Managed UI

The Managed UI implements screens such as login, registration, account recovery, account setting, and account verification. This allows for fast adoption of Ory.

Contrary to other vendors, Ory allows you to implement your own (login, registration, ...) UI by offering simple, headless APIs.

Identity & Session Services

Ory Cloud incorporates the open source Ory Kratos project and offers:

  • Self-service flows are everything users do on their own / without the help of others:
  • Registration with passwords, social sign in, OpenID Connect, ...
  • Login with passwords, social sign in, OpenID Connect, ...
  • Updating the profile, email, changing the password, un/linking with Social. Sign In providers, ...
  • Recovering the account by resetting the password.
  • Verifying email addresses, phone numbers, ....
  • Multi-factor authentication flows and recovery processes.
  • Administrative identity management to get, create, update, delete identities (users) and their data.
  • Headless APIs and data models allow you to fully customize Identity Schemas (for example adding fields like first name, accept tos, shipping address, gender, ...) and create your own login, registration, profile settings, recovery, and verification screen using our easy to use SDKs and REST APIs.

Permission Services

Ory Cloud incorporates the open source Ory Keto project and offers:

  • Permission management to get, create, update, and delete permissions.
  • Permission checking to check if a user has a permission.

Ory Open Source

Ory is the largest open source ecosystem in the area of authentication, authorization, access control, and zero trust networking in the world. Ory is not another company "greenwashing" with open source by publishing SDKs under open source licenses. Instead, all of our core systems are available as Apache 2.0 licensed software without enterprise or open core models.

Head over to the Ory Open Source Overview for an introduction to the different projects.

Is Open Source Taking a Back Seat?

No! Ory Cloud is our commercial offering with which we generate revenue to build more open source and more features in Ory Cloud. Our value proposition and vision for Ory Cloud is to incorporate and advance the open source ecosystem and add additional services which aren't possible to open source (for example Analytics, SLAs, SRE, Low-Latency).

Ory Cloud and our open source software are interlinked. While we've made some modifications to the open source to make it work better in our multi-tenant environment and operational (SRE) model, we're using the same code base, APIs, features, and configurations for Ory Cloud.

In the future, we will increase our open source footprint, make the projects easier to modify, use, access, and distribute. The only impact Ory Cloud will have is that it will accelerate development and enable us to spend more resources on the open source!

New to Ory ?

Don't want to deal with Docker, Kubernetes, and securing your API?

  • Sign up for a free Developer account in Ory Cloud.

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