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You are the backbone of Ory. Members are coming from all around the world, from huge enterprises or small side projects. We may have many differences, but we all share the same goal: To build an open and free authentication and authorization standard for everyone.

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Ory is built in cooperation with its developer community. Our projects are only possible because of your dedication to open and free software! We maintain discussion boards on GitHub and an active Slack channel. Chat about code, best practices, and more:

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Ask questions, help out others with your knowledge and connect with developers working on the same problem.

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Make yourself heard and discuss ideas, code, and feedback directly on GitHub. All contributions are welcome!

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The Ory community builds open source projects and writes articles and guides around the Ory Ecosystem. Reach out if you want your content to be featured!

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Code of Conduct

The Ory community provides a welcoming space for developers from different backgrounds. To ensure a safe experience for all, we follow a Code Of Conduct.

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Ory Community Articles

The Ory Community has written numerous articles, tutorials, and introductions. If you want your content to be featured, pleasereach out to us! For a complete list, visit the overview in our docs.

Open source authentication with Ory Hydra and Ory Kratos

An in-depth look at using Ory Open Source as a complete authentication platform: Read the article.

Implementing OAuth 2.0 using Ory Hydra

Implementing your own OAuth 2.0 server is not easy, but this article will help you out: Read the article.

Ory Keto Next Generation

A critical look at Ory Keto, the first open source implementation of Google Zanzibar: Read the article.

Integrating Kratos with your Go App

This article explains how to write an application that integrates Kratos in Go: Read the article .

Ory Community Projects

The Ory Open Source community has built many projects around Ory software over the years. Community projects are not maintained by Ory. For a complete list of projects visit the overview in our docs.

Reference Docker Compose

A collection of reference docker-compose examples for the full Ory Stack: radekg/ory-reference-compose.

Svelte & Ory Kratos

A basic SvelteKit example using Ory Kratos for authentication: drejohnson/sveltekit-kratos.

Werther LDAP

Werther is an identity provider for Ory Hydra over LDAP / Active Directory: i-core/werther.

Ory Kratos React Example

A React example for Ory Kratos example; written in TypeScript: realStandal/kratos-react-example .