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gRPC + REST API Overview

There are two main API types available in Ory:

  • Admin APIs, which are often used by the application backend, offer privileged access that's not available to end users. To use Admin APIs, you need an Ory Network API key.
  • Public APIs, which are often used by the application frontend, don't require an Ory Network API key because:
    • they don't require authorization and can be accessed by any client, for example, an application's login page.
    • they implement a protocol that defines what authorization mechanism must be used, for example, OAuth2 Client Credentials.

Both APIs are available at your project's domain:


# When you use a custom domain with Ory:

This endpoint is your SDK URL. Use it when configuring Ory SDKs and tools.

import { Configuration, IdentityApi } from "@ory/client"

const identity = new IdentityApi(
new Configuration({
basePath: "",
baseOptions: {
withCredentials: true,


All services at Ory provide REST APIs. Check the REST API Reference for a complete API overview.


Ory Permissions supports gRPC APIs.