It’s been an exciting few months for the Ory Team: We’ve been hard at work to make Ory’s popular Open Source software available as fully managed services. We think software teams should be able to focus on their apps and dedicate their time to building amazing features, rather than re-inventing the wheel and running infrastructure components.

🚀 Enter the Ory Network, freeing you from the complex and tedious business of identities, authentication, authorization and verification:

  • 🔐 Modern & safe customer login with passwords, passkeys, social and biometric methods and full multi-factor auth support built in on all plans
  • 🕺 GDPR-Compliant storage and management of your customer identities and credentials
  • 📱 Smooth and secure 1st and 3rd party application integration and API access with out-of-the-box support for the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 protocols
  • 🚦 Flexible and fine-grained permission enforcement supporting role-based, attribute-based and resource-based access control models

Illustration of Social sign/OTP in on the Ory Network

It’s never been so easy to turn applications into secure platforms. The Ory Network is an API-first platform built for modern application development. Whether you’re creating a website, app, SaaS application or data platform - Ory has you covered. What we started with Ory Cloud for identity management is now a full toolkit for end-to-end security for Cloud-based applications.

Start with adding slick, passwordless and multi-factor authentication to make sign-up faster, convert more users to customers and build trust.

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Try the Ory Network now, it’s free for developers!

Watch the full presentation on Ory Summit 2022:

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