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Company Update

Sorry, but there are no cookies for you

We value our community as the core of Ory, and our commitment also lies in respecting the privacy of the people who use our products or services.

Great news: Ory no longer displays cookie banners!

Cookie Monster

Cookie banners are found everywhere, but are generally disliked. However, EU regulations mandate the use of cookie banners if a website uses non-essential cookies. These types of cookies include those utilized by third-party services, like analytics, tracking, and advertising. These services gather user behavior data from across the web, store it in their system, and use it to deliver personalized ads. So in general non-essential cookies are cookies that are not required by a website to work.

At Ory, we find cookie banners quite bothersome and we also want to prioritize safeguarding our users' privacy. The solution for this was simple: Just eliminate the use of non-essential cookies. That's it!

So, we have removed all non-essential cookies from our website, ensuring that it does not transmit any information to any third-party service. Of course, we will refrain from utilizing cookies for displaying ads or any cross-site tracking.

We commit to using only cookies that are necessary for serving

Ory is committed to offering secure, GDPR compliant, privacy-focused products and our users should not be required to compromise their privacy when collaborating with us or our products.

Have a pleasant day, even if there's no cookie for you!

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