Ory Social Sign-in Increase registrations

Integrate Ory Social sign-in and increase logins to your website and app, get verified user emails, create a trustworthy process and access richer user data.

Examples of Ory social sign-in integration on a registration page

> Single Social Sign-in

A solution to many account problems

Give your users the flexibility to sign-in with social IDs from their trusted external identity providers, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, and Discord and many more.


Social Sign-in is simple.

Here’s how you do it with Ory.

Choosing the Social ID provider

User enters your website or your app and chooses their social identity provider (Google, Facebook, Microsoft and more).

Ory gets the access to details

The social identity provider authenticates their identity and gives Ory the access to the user account information.

User logs into your site/app

After the assessment of the request by the provider, the user is logged in to your website.

Features of Ory Social Sign-In

No need for new accounts

Users can link their existing accounts with your applications using Ory Social sign-on feature. No need for new IDs or passwords.

Custom flow for each social login platform

Ory Network gives you convenient and GUI-friendly flows to add the social network logins. Each flow is created to suit the requirements of a particular platform.

Utilizing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect are the power mechanisms for social logins. Ory makes sure to keep permissions and authentication confidential at all times.

Configure login providers with Ory CLI

You can also use Ory CLI to add and configure social login providers without any friction.

Add generic ID providers

With Ory Social Sign-in, you can now add any OpenID Connect Certified provider. With such an option, organizations can design custom and secure experiences for their users.

Simplifying the returning experience

Once users are registered with your website, their returning journey will be faster, easier and simplified - just with one click.

Safety from the dangers of account linking

Ory deviates from account linking as this method poses a critical security threat to users of your website or app.

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