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Get started with social sign-in

Out of the box, Ory comes with custom-tailored connectors for 15+ social sign-in providers such as GitHub, Google, or Facebook. Additionally, you can connect any OpenID Connect-compliant identity provider using the Generic provider integration.

Reduce friction, boost conversion


Adding social sign-in to your system can increase conversion rates by up to 40%.

Allowing users to use their existing accounts with your application removes the friction that comes with having to remember another set of credentials and makes the decision to sign up much easier.

Thanks to social sign-in, users can use their existing accounts from providers such as Google, Slack, or Facebook for sign-up and sign-in in your application. By signing up with external identity providers, users give Ory access to the profile data of their account created in an external identity provider. This data is used to create an Ory identity and a user account in your application.

Configuration through Ory Console and CLI

The Ory Network provides GUI-based flows for adding and configuring social sign-in providers through the Ory Console. Each flow is custom-tailored to accommodate configuration requirements of the specific identity provider. Alternatively, you can use the Ory CLI.