Ory vs. FusionAuth

See why product teams choose Ory over FusionAuth

Ory has everything companies need to start and grow auth. Without the vendor lock-in.

Comprehensive platform

The Ory Network goes beyond just login, with gloabl-scale permissions and Zero Trust Architecture.

Cloud native

Ory's public cloud APIs are always up and available globally, so you don't have to worry about auth going down.

WebAuthn included

Don't pay extra for security features. With Ory, biometric authentication features are included on every plan.

Akibur Rahman - System Architect, Padis GmbH

"Ory components consider all modern technical aspects and it was a perfect fit for our system. Integration was easy and we are able to customize based on our requirements."

The Ory Network
Support & Availability
Custom SLAs


Community Support
Managed Infrastructure


Modular Architecture


Usability & Customizability
Admin Console
Custom SMTP
Bring Your Own UI


Biometric auth

Essentials +


Essentials +

Social Login
Customizable Identity Data
OpenID Connect


Included M2M Tokens


Only on Starter + plans

Granular Permissions


Rules and Access Control
JWT Support

Coming Soon

LDAP Connectivity


AD Connectivity
Security & Compliance
ISO 27001






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Finally, an auth solution that's modular and modern.

Ory has the secure, modern auth features you expect from your auth solution. But with a modular architecture and scalability at fair prices.

Open source ethos

Our commitment to open source values is visible in everything from sales and support to docs and events.


Use any combination of our features to create an auth solution that works for your business.


Create forms, flows, identity data, and configurations that reflect your brand. Use our templates or bring your own UI.

Fair pricing

Start your project for free. Add as many developers or team members as you need without paying more.

How Ory Beats FusionAuth

Ory users rave about our battle-tested OAuth2 servers, global scale permissions, and ZTA.

When we created Ory, we prioritized developer happiness and security. You'll see this as you work with Ory to create portable, secure auth experiences.

  • Comprehensive Platform

    The Ory Network offers the authentication features you expect, along with zero trust architecture, global scale permissions, integration with IAPs and API gateways, cloud-native infrastructure, and a vast community for support.

  • Battle-tested OAuth

    Our certified OAuth2 servers are utilized in extensive scale environments. They ensure verifiable security through open-source transparency and enforce best practices, such as excluding implicit flow. Not to mention their seamless integration with Ory Network's identity capabilities.

  • Straightforward Pricing

    When you sign up for Ory, you'll get everything you need to build auth in one plan. No need to choose between complex hosting and software and support plans separately.

  • Portability

    By choosing a solution that has an open source alternative and utilizes open standards, companies can maintain control over their data and avoid being dependent on a particular vendor. This allows for greater agility in responding to changes in the market or business needs, without being hindered by technology limitations or vendor dependencies.

  • Modern & Modular

    Unlike other Java based identity management systems, Ory’s Go based platform is performant, modular, and flexible. This means that using Ory as a developer and as a user is a snappy, robust experience.

  • Managed Plans are Free for Development

    Developers can start new, managed projects for free with the Ory Network. Plans start at just $29/month once you're ready to move into production.

  • Developer Friendly

    Developers appreciate our robust APIs, CLI, multiple SDKs, and docs. Almost anything you can do in the console, you can do via API.

  • Community Support

    Ory's thriving community ecosystem offers extensive knowledge sharing, collaborative problem-solving, accessible resources, and ongoing growth opportunities.

  • Integrations

    From CRMs and customer support applications to developer tooling and product tools, it’s vital that your identity management solution can integrate and share data with your most important applications.

  • Security & Compliance

    Choosing an identity management solution with strong security measures helps ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of company resources. Ory takes advanced initiatives to prevent data breaches, identity theft, and other security incidents.

Migrating from FusionAuth to Ory

We’ve supported many customers on their journey from FusionAuth to Ory. Our support team can help you make the transition with ease. Reach out to a product support specialist at [email protected] to learn more about how we can help you make a smooth transition.

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