The cloud native OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect server

Authenticate third party users and secure access to your applications and APIs with Ory Hydra.

Example OAuth2 flow with headless UI using Hydra

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Proven Scalability

Scale to millions

Ory Hydra powers Sainsbury's My ID with millions of customers and serving hundreds of users per second. Watch the video to learn more!

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Interface the web securely

Ory Hydra is the most advanced OAuth 2.0 and OIDC Certified® Server, and the only one that is open source. It integrates with any login system and allows you to interface with any application, anywhere.

Your language, our SDK

Hydra is polyglot

Ory Hydra is written in Go and we provide SDKs for almost every language including Dart, .NET, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust and Typescript. It works with any login system and it is easy to customize the login experience. Follow our step by step documentation and integrate Hydra in a snap.

Hydra SDKs for any programming language


Ory Hydra is a hardened and certified OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect provider, securing hundreds of billions of API requests in thousands of deployments.

Integrates Everywhere

Implement the full Open Authorization 2.0 standard in your technology stack. Ory Hydra integrates with any open source (e.g. Ory Kratos) or proprietary IAM system.

OpenID Certified®

Rely on an OpenID Certified® OIDC Provider. Ory Hydra implements all flows specified by the IETF and OpenID Foundation.

Bring Your Own UX

Use your branding and user interfaces for all OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect flows. Your own styles and flows powered by a robust API and intuitive CLI.

Compatible with MITREid

Migrate from MITREid Connect to Ory Hydra. Migration documentation is provided.

Cryptographic Key Storage

Encrypt cryptographic keys for e.g. signing JWTs, store them securely and manage OAuth 2.0 clients directly from the CLI.

Security First and High Performance

Sleep easy, knowing that Ory Hydra is designed to reduce security incidents and scales as required. Ory Hydra serves tokens to millions of users weekly and just works.

Billions of Identities

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs.


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At Sainsbury’s Tech, we needed a feature-complete OAuth provider which can operate securely at scale and Ory Hydra fit the bill perfectly.

Paul Harman

Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s Tech

Hydra is so smooth; I probably spent more time removing the old OAuth implementation than I did wiring up Hydra into my app.

Yan Gabriel Minário

CTO, myio

We rely on Ory to be our OAuth provider and it fits perfectly into our infrastructure, is hardened, and aligns with our principles. Ory is a great fit for us.

Benjamin Kristensen

Senior Software Engineer, Enode

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