Manage identities and users in the cloud

Headless and configurable authentication and user management, including MFA, social login, custom identities and more.

Examples of headless login and registrations forms with different styles using Ory Kratos

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Identity & User Management

Take back control

Ory Kratos is a fully featured user management system built for the cloud. Control every aspect with a headless API.

Integrate anywhere.

Ory Kratos comes with support for a wide range of 2FA protocols such as TOTP, FIDO2 & WebAuthn, works with any UI framework, and only a few lines of code are required to get it up and running.

Packed with features

Configurable login and registration flows, multi-factor authentication, custom identity models, bring your own UI.

Open source

Ory Kratos is open source and grows more powerful with every pull-request.

Your language, our SDK

Kratos is polyglot

Ory Kratos is written in Go and we provide SDKs for every language. Customizable login, registration and profile management without complexity.

Kratos SDKs for any programming language


No one should have to write authentication servers - again. Rely on a secure and proven standard with Ory Kratos.

Self Service Login and Registration

Users create and sign in to accounts using username/email and password combinations, Social Login, passwordless flows, TOTP and more.

Multifactor Authentication

Implement proven standards of web security with FIDO2, WebAuthn, TOTP. Use Yubikeys, Google Authenticator or FaceID to reduce friction and increase security.

User Management

Administer your userbase and get, create, update or delete identities and their data, with webhooks for even more control.

Bring Your Identity Model

Use customizable identity models (defining custom fields such as name, address, favorite pet) and create your own interfaces in your style and branding.

Social Logins

Simplify your users' experience and let them use their existing accounts at Google, GitHub, Apple, etc. to sign up and log in. All OIDC providers are supported.

Account Verification and Recovery

Verify an identity by checking the email, phone number, or physical address of that user. Provide recovery of accounts using "Forgot Password" flows, security codes, etc.

Billions of Identities

Companies from all over the world rely on Ory for their identity needs.


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Ory made it simple to add stable, secure user management and access control to our systems. No more reinventing the wheel!

Bill Monkman

Chief Architect, Commit

Ory is ideal because we could customize it exactly how we needed to and could build a flexible system for authorizing user actions.

Dimitriy Gaevskiy

Software Architect, Tinkoff Group

Ory Kratos is a huge time saver. It allows us to implement identity management in R2Devops infrastructure at rocket speed 🚀.

Thomas Boni

CTO, R2Devops.

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