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Social Sign In `redirect_uri_mismatch` error (OTA-092022-01)

The problem affects Ory Cloud Projects created before September 2022 which had a custom domain enabled. When creating a new social sign in connection, the social sign-in flow can fail with the following error message:

Unable to complete OpenID Connect flow because the OpenID Provider returned error "redirect_uri_mismatch": The redirect_uri MUST match the registered callback URL for this application.


To resolve this issue, remove the /selfservice/methods/oidc/config/base_redirect_uri config entry using the following Ory CLI command:

ory patch identity-config <your-project-id> \
--remove '/selfservice/methods/oidc/config/base_redirect_uri'

Please be aware that existing Social Sign In connections might break. To resolve this issue, go to your project's Social Sign In configuration screen and update the Callback URL of the failing Social Sign In provider. The Redirect URL should match.