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hydra janitor

hydra janitor#

Clean the database of old tokens and login/consent requests


This command will cleanup any expired oauth2 tokens as well as login/consent requests.


This command is in beta. Proceed with caution!

This is a destructive command and will purge data directly from the database. Please use this command with caution if you need to keep historic data for any reason.


Janitor can be used in several ways.

  1. By passing the database connection string (DSN) as an argument Pass the database url (dsn) as an argument to janitor. E.g. janitor <database-url>

  2. By passing the DSN as an environment variable

    export DSN=...
    janitor -e
  3. By passing a configuration file containing the DSN janitor -c /path/to/conf.yml

  4. Extra optional parameters can also be added such as

    janitor --keep-if-younger 23h --access-lifespan 1h --refresh-lifespan 40h --consent-request-lifespan 10m &lt;database-url&gt;
  5. Running only a certain cleanup

    janitor --tokens &lt;database-url&gt;


    janitor --requests &lt;database-url&gt;

    or both

    janitor --tokens --requests &lt;database-url&gt;
hydra janitor [&lt;database-url&gt;] [flags]


--access-lifespan duration Set the access token lifespan e.g. 1s, 1m, 1h.
-c, --config strings Path to one or more .json, .yaml, .yml, .toml config files. Values are loaded in the order provided, meaning that the last config file overwrites values from the previous config file.
--consent-request-lifespan duration Set the login/consent request lifespan e.g. 1s, 1m, 1h
-h, --help help for janitor
--keep-if-younger duration Keep database records that are younger than a specified duration e.g. 1s, 1m, 1h.
-e, --read-from-env If set, reads the database connection string from the environment variable DSN or config file key dsn.
--refresh-lifespan duration Set the refresh token lifespan e.g. 1s, 1m, 1h.
--requests This will only run the cleanup on requests and will skip token cleanup.
--tokens This will only run the cleanup on tokens and will skip requests cleanup.


  • hydra - Run and manage ORY Hydra
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