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Implementing the Consent Endpoint & UI


Please read the Consent Flow Documentation first!

In this document, you will learn how to implement the Consent Endpoint using our ORY Hydra SDKs. The goal for this document is to have document this for multiple programming languages. If you are an expert in one of these languages, your help is highly appreciated in improving these docs!

Code shown here is taken out of the ORY Hydra Login & Consent Node Reference application which you can find on GitHub.

ory/hydra-login-consent-node - GitHub

Implementing the Consent HTML Form#


The Consent HTML Form cannot be a Single Page App (Client-side browser application) or a Mobile App! It has to be a server-side application with access to ORY Hydra's Admin Endpoint!

OAuth2 Consent UI Screen

Accepting the Consent Request#


Rejecting the Consent Request#


Skipping Consent Screen#


Complete Endpoint#

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