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Read this document to prepare for production when self-hosting Ory Kratos.
Feel free to open an issue or pull request when you have an idea how to improve this documentation.

Read more about deployment fundamentals and requirements for Ory.


Ory Kratos requires a production-grade database such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, CockroachDB. Don't use SQLite in production!


When preparing for production it's paramount to omit the --dev flag from kratos serve.

HTTP clients

In some scenarios you might want to disallow HTTP calls to private IP ranges. To configure this feature, set the following configuration:

disallow_private_ip_ranges: true

If enabled, all outgoing HTTP calls done by Ory Kratos will be checked whether they're against a private IP range. If that's the case, the request will fail with an error.

Admin API

Never expose the Ory Kratos Admin API to the internet unsecured. Always require authorization. A good practice is to not expose the Admin API at all to the public internet and use a Zero Trust Networking Architecture within your intranet.


There are no additional requirements for scaling Ory Kratos, just spin up another container!