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01Third-party API Access

Secure API Access with OAuth2

Ready to open your developer ecosystem up to the world? Or perhaps just a few trusted partners? With Ory's OAuth2 capabilities, third-party developers can quickly and securely integrate with your APIs.

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023rd party API access

Control and scope access to APIs by third parties

OAuth2 compliant API access for third parties.

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Grant access to endpoints the right way

With Ory, development teams always know who has access and with what scopes. API endpoints stay safe. Developers stay happy.

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Scope access to endpoints

Create scopes to permit or prevent third-parties from accessing specific API endpoints.

Secure and manage tokens

Generate, refresh, and introspect tokens used to grant access to APIs with OAuth2.

04Why use Ory OAuth2?

The key to secure business collaboration

Ory’s simple and secure registration and login flows results in higher conversion rates, better partnerships, happier users, and even happier marketing teams.

Power partnerships

Oauth2 is a smart way to connect with partners without compromising security. Restrict access to only those whom you approve by making API endpoints inaccessible or limiting access.

Enhance security

Not every third-party needs access to every API endpoint. With Ory’s OAuth capabilities, teams can create various levels of access depending on third-party and business needs.

Improve customer experiences

Give customers the power with the ability to accept or deny scopes of the data they’re requested to share. They’ll feel empowered to make better decisions about their data.


Hear from our longtime customers

Paul Harman - Engineering Manager, Sainsbury’s Tech

"At Sainsbury’s Tech we use Ory tools to power our identity platform, My ID. My ID handles identity for major brands across the group including Nectar, Groceries On-line and SmartShop."

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06The Ory Network

The comprehensive identity network

The Ory Network is simple, secure identity infrastructure for the cloud. Scale your business and don’t lose sleep over data breaches and leaks.

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No more missed opportunities

Users need to get to an "aha" moment ASAP. So why add complex password requirements to slow them down? Ory’s simple and secure registration and login flows results in higher conversion rates, happier users, and even happier marketing teams.

07Start for free

Add secure 3rd party API access to any app or service

Sign up or schedule a demo with us to learn how you can improve conversion, retention, and security with Ory.

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