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Services & APIs

The Ory Cloud exposes APIs to its services to easily integrate your applications using our SDKs or HTTP Endpoints directly. This makes it possible for you to integrate your own user interface (UI) in the form of a Web or Native Application.

Services and APIs

SDK Configuration

The SDK url is the easiest way to integrate your interface with the Ory Cloud. It is only a single API endpoint which is used to speak directly to your Ory project. You can read more about the different SDKs here.


These endpoints are for integration with the individual Ory Cloud services such as Ory Kratos. Currently the Ory Cloud offers a hosted instance of Ory Kratos with more to follow in the coming months.

For more information on our offering, please refer to our roadmap.


Please refer to our Start Building guides on implementing the SDK as well as the usage of the Ory Cloud services.