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Change the OAuth2 issuer URL

When your OAuth2 or OpenID Connect client complains that the issuer URL is incorrect, this can have the following reasons:

  1. You have misconfigured your OpenID Connect Client. Make sure you are using the correct issuer URL.
  2. You connected a custom domain to your Ory Network project before February 20th 2024. In this case, the issuer URL might be incorrect.
  3. You have manually overwritten the issuer URL in your Ory Network Project.
  4. You are using more than one custom domain connected to a single Ory Network project.

You can view the issuer URL of your Ory Network project using the Ory CLI:

ory get oauth2-config {project-id} --format json | jq '.urls.self.issuer'

Use this value to understand if the server is incorrectly configured or if the client is using the wrong issuer URL. To change the issuer URL, you can use the Ory CLI:

ory patch oauth2-config {project-id} \
--replace '/urls/self/issuer=""'

Ideally, this URL is the primary custom domain you have set up for the Ory Network.