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Ory Open Source

Ory has an open source architecture, attitude, and heart. We believe in collaboration, participation, and the open exchange of ideas. We believe that open source is a fundamental part of modern software development. Open source allows everyone - regardless of economic background - to build a better world with software.

Therefore, most of what we do is open source. Our deep commitment and history in open source software development is not a marketing ploy. We have spent thousands of work hours, committed hundred of thousands of changes, and published millions lines of code under permissive open source licenses such as MIT and Apache 2.0.

Below you will find our most popular open source projects, their documentation, and more.


You can find our open source projects on GitHub:

Fully-featured servers


Documentation & User Guides

While this developer guide focuses on explaining concepts, the concrete REST APIs are documented using swagger and can be viewed here:

Library Documentation

GoDoc documents Go code and is available for our Go libraries: