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Changelog and roadmap

Ory Changelog


Read the changelog for Ory Network at !

Running security-critical open source technology in a self-service format requires vigilance. We make your life easier by announcing important software updates via the Ory Security Newsletter. Never miss an update and sign up now to important release updates!


Looking for support? Please contact us at [email protected]!
Ory offers support agreements for self-hosted Ory software.



Ory is actively being developed. If you are interested in a particular project, it's best to check out the open issues & pull requests for that project.

Please note that our roadmap is subject to change. This means that development is considering feedback both from the Open Source community as well as Ory Network users.

Issues on GitHub aren't hard and fixed commitments. GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, and Discussions are general guidelines and efforts to make development at Ory as transparent as possible to facilitate collaboration, trust, and visibility.


If you are a user of our Open Source offering and you have feedback, please do so in GitHub Discussions or on the Ory Community Slack.

Please also vote on issues and discussions with a thumbs up. We will ask for community feedback on important changes and consider the popularity of features in the community when planning development.


Every release from Ory includes new features as well as bug fixes. You can find a changelog in the main directory of every project. If you happen to find a bug, please open an isse in the relevant repository. We appreciate it when you include steps for replication, version information, logs, and as much information as you think is helpful. This makes squashing that pesky bug much easier for us.

We prioritize bug fixes based on the impact of the issue, how many users are affected, estimated effort, and other factors.