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ory list identities

ory list identities

List identities


Return a list of identities.

The consistency defaults to eventual and can be set to strong or eventual. Eventual consistency means that the list operation will return faster and might not include recently created or updated identities. Replication lag is about 5 seconds.

ory list identities [flags]


ory list identities --page-size 100 --consistency eventual


      --consistency string   The read consistency to use. Can be either "strong" or "eventual". Defaults to "eventual". (default "eventual")
-h, --help help for identities
--page-size int maximum number of items to return (default 100)
--page-token string page token acquired from a previous response
--project string The project to use, either project ID or a (partial) slug.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   Path to the Ory Network configuration file.
--format string Set the output format. One of default, json, yaml, json-pretty, jsonpath and jsonpointer. (default "default")
-q, --quiet Be quiet with output printing.
-y, --yes Confirm all dialogs with yes.