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ory perform client-credentials

ory perform client-credentials

Perform the OAuth2 Client Credentials Flow


Performs the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow. Useful to exchange a client_id and client_secret for an access_token. using the CLI.

ory perform client-credentials [flags]


ory perform client-credentials --client-id ... --client-secret


      --audience strings       Request a specific OAuth 2.0 Access Token Audience.
--client-id string Use the provided OAuth 2.0 Client ID, defaults to environment variable OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID.
--client-secret string Use the provided OAuth 2.0 Client Secret, defaults to environment variable OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET.
-e, --endpoint string The URL of Ory Kratos' Admin API. Alternatively set using the KRATOS_ADMIN_URL environmental variable.
--format string Set the output format. One of table, json, yaml, json-pretty, jsonpath and jsonpointer. (default "default")
-h, --help help for client-credentials
--project string The project to use, either project ID or a (partial) slug.
-q, --quiet Be quiet with output printing.
--scope strings OAuth2 scope to request.

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string   Path to the Ory Network configuration file.
-y, --yes Confirm all dialogs with yes.