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gRPC middleware

In addition to exposing Ory Oathkeeper as a HTTP proxy, you can directly embed it into your Go application as a gRPC middleware. The gRPC traffic will then be handled by the middleware as if it were a standalone Ory Oathkeeper instance, just without the added network hop.


This feature is experimental and may change. We can give no compatibility guarantees regarding the API.

This option is only available if you are using Go and gRPC.

You can use Ory Oathkeeper as a gRPC middleware thus:

import (

func setup() {
oathkeeperMW, err := middleware.New(ctx, middleware.WithConfigFile("path/to/config"))
if err != nil {
return nil, nil, fmt.Errorf("failed to create oathkeeper middleware: %w", err)

s := grpc.NewServer(

// register your service to s, start the server, ...

The middleware will match only against explicit gRPC matchers, which you can use by specifying authority and full_method in the JSON configuration:

"id": "some-id",
"version": "v0.36.0-beta.4",
"match": {
"authority": "",
"full_method": "my.grpc.package/MyService/MyMethod"
"authenticators": [{ "handler": "noop" }],
"authorizer": { "handler": "allow" },
"mutators": [{ "handler": "noop" }],
"errors": [{ "handler": "json" }]