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Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Ory Oathkeeper SDK allows for integration with Ory Oathkeeper.

Before using the SDK, consult the Ory Oathkeeper REST API documentation.

To view the source code for the generated SDKs, visit the Ory Oathkeeper SDK GitHub repository. Ory SDKs are generated using the openapi-generator.

Download the SDK

Ory publishes SDKs for popular languages in their respective package repositories:

Further information

To view the source code for the generated Ory SDKs, visit the GitHub repository: Generated SDKs for Ory Oathkeeper

Missing your programming language?
Create an issue and help the Ory team build, test, and publish the SDK for your programming language!


SDK Backwards compatibility

The Ory SDK uses automated code generation by openapi-generator. openapi-generator can make changes to the generated code with each new version, which breaks backwards compatibility in some cases. As a result, the Ory SDK may not be compatible with previous versions.