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Account-Experience Overview

The Ory Account Experience is the default user interface for all self-service screens like login, registration, or consent. It can be accessed under New Ory Network projects are automatically configured to use the Account Experience. You can find various customizations and settings in the Ory Console under Account Experience.


The Account Experience can be themed using the Ory Console. Head over to the theming settings. It is also possible to set a custom logo and favicon.

Welcome Screen

The Account Experience comes with a welcome screen that shows information about the current user's session. As this screen is rather meant for debugging purposes, it can be disabled in the Ory Console.

Translations (i18n) & Message Customization

Currently, the account experience is available in English (fallback), Spanish, and German. If you want to add a new language or fix some wording, please open a pull request in ory/elements. To determine the language to use, the Account Experience uses the Accept-Language header. If the language is not available, the fallback language (English) is used. Custom translations are not supported at the moment, but please reach out if you need this feature.

Custom Domains

The Account Experience is also available under custom domains the same way it works on the slug URL.