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Two-step registration

With a one-step registration, when you enable multiple authentication strategies (for example password, code via email, and passkey), the identity traits will be repeated for each authentication strategy.

Compare this to a two-step registration: Now, the user is prompted for the identity traits in the first step, and asked to choose a credential method for authentication next. This results in a more stream-lined user experience.


Identity traits are data associated with an identity that can be modified by the user. The traits are configured through the identity schema.

Learn more about identity traits

Registration with two-step registration vs one-step registration

To disable the legacy one-step registration, go to and switch off "Enable legacy one-step registration" or use the Ory CLI:

ory list projects # to get the project id

ory patch project ${project_id} \
--replace '/services/identity/config/selfservice/flows/registration/enable_legacy_one_step=false'