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Configure Ory Kratos

This document describes how the service can be configured. For a documentation on all configuration values head over to the configuration reference.

Configuration file

Files in the format of JSON, YAML and TOML are supported. When starting Kratos you specify the path to the config file via the --config flag. For more in-depth info run kratos help. We recommend you name your configuration file kratos.(json|yml|yaml|toml). This will enable automatic validation and code completion in VSCode, JetBrains' IDEs and other tools that utilize JSON schemas. Alternatively you can add the schema mapping manually as well. It's recommended to prevent leaking of secrets by setting sensitive values via environmental variables as described in the following section.

Environmental variables

Environmental variables take precedence over config file values. Nested paths get mapped to config values by putting an underscore _ between every level, so selfservice.flows.settings.ui_url becomes SELFSERVICE_FLOWS_SETTINGS_UI_URL=<value>.

Please note that there are some caveats when using env vars documented here.