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Version: v0.6


Installing Ory Kratos on any system is straight forward. We provide prebuilt binaries, Docker images, and support various package managers.


We recommend using Docker to run Ory Kratos:

$ docker pull oryd/kratos:v0.6.3-alpha.1
$ docker run --rm -it oryd/kratos help

You can find more detailed information on the official Kratos docker images here.


You can install Ory Kratos using homebrew on macOS:

$ brew tap ory/kratos
$ brew install ory/kratos/kratos
$ kratos help


On linux, you can use bash <(curl ...) to fetch the latest stable binary using:

$ bash <(curl -b . v0.6.3-alpha.1
$ ./kratos help

You may want to move Ory Kratos to your $PATH:

$ sudo mv ./kratos /usr/local/bin/
$ kratos help


You can install Ory Kratos using scoop on Windows:

> scoop bucket add ory-kratos
> scoop install kratos
> kratos help

Download Binaries

The client and server binaries are downloadable at the releases tab. There is currently no installer available. You have to add the Kratos binary to the PATH environment variable yourself or put the binary in a location that is already in your $PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

Once installed, you should be able to run:

$ kratos help

Building From Source

If you wish to compile Ory Kratos yourself, you need to install and set up Go 1.12+ and add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH.

The following commands will check out the latest release tag of Ory Kratos, compile it, and set up flags so that kratos version works as expected. Please note that this will only work with POSIX-compliant shells like bash or sh.

$ go get -d -u
$ cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/
$ GO111MODULE=on make install
$ $(go env GOPATH)/bin/kratos help