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Use a custom SMTP server to send recovery and verification messages to users

The Ory Network comes with SMTP email sending configured out of the box. Ory emails are sent from this address:

{} via Ory <[email protected]>

You must send emails using your SMTP server to change the sender address (from_address) and sender name (from_name).

Send emails using your SMTP server

You can send emails from your server. Follow these steps to configure Ory to use a custom SMTP server:

Sign in to the Ory Console and go to CustomizeEmail Configuration. Toggle the Advanced Settings switch and provide the configuration for your SMTP server.

SMTP security mechanisms

SMTP has six different security mechanisms. Most SMTP services today use Explicit StartTLS with trusted certificates.

  1. Recommended: StartTLS with certificate trust verification. This is the most common option today:
    smtp://username:[email protected]:port/
  2. StartTLS without certificate trust verification:
    smtp://username:[email protected]:port/?skip_ssl_verify=true
  3. Cleartext SMTP uses no encryption and is not secure. This option is often used in development environments:
    smtp://username:[email protected]:port/?disable_starttls=true
  4. Implicit TLS with certificate trust verification:
    smtps://username:[email protected]:port/
  5. Implicit TLS without certificate trust verification:
    smtps://username:[email protected]:port/?skip_ssl_verify=true
  6. Implicit TLS with certificate verification which works if the server is hosted on a subdomain and uses a non-wildcard domain certificate:
    smtps://username:[email protected]:1234/?


Reference the sample connection URIs to send emails using different providers.


Use the following connection URI to send emails using Mailgun:


# For example:
# smtp://[email protected]:587


Use the following connection URI to send emails using AWS SES SMTP:


# For example:
# smtp://theuser:[email protected]:587/


Use the following connection URI to send emails using Postmark:


# For example:
# smtp://thetoken:[email protected]:587/


If you have problems setting up email delivery, you can view outgoing messages on the MonitoringEmail Delivery page in the Ory Console