Version: v0.4

Out-of-band communication via E-Mail and SMS

ORY Kratos sends out-of-band messages via SMS or E-Mail. These messages are required for The following exemplary use cases require these messages:

  • Send an account activation email
  • Verify an E-Mail address or mobile phone number using SMS
  • Preventing Account Enumeration Attacks
  • Sending a 2FA Codes
  • ...

Sending E-Mails via SMTP

To have E-Mail delivery running with ORY Kratos requires an SMTP server. This is set up in the configuration file using an absolute URL with the smtp schema:

# $ kratos -c path/to/my/kratos/config.yml serve
connection_uri: smtps://test:test@my-smtp-server:1025/


A future version of ORY Kratos will feature proprietary E-Mail messages using the Go template engine extended by sprig's template functions. It should also be possible to internationalize these templates.

Sending SMS

The Sending SMS feature is not supported at present. It will be available in a future version of ORY Kratos.

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