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JSON Schema and JSON Paths

JSON Schema is a vocabulary that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents. It is a IETF (Internet and Engineering Task Force) public standard and is similar to a XML DTD but suited for JSON payloads.

We rely on JSON Schema heavily internally, from configuration validation to generating OpenAPI Spec to writing documentation. By using Ory Kratos, you will be exposed to JSON Schema as it is used for defining Identity data models and other things.

To learn more about JSON Schema, head over to

We are currently using JSON Schema Draft7 but plan on migrating to a newer version in the future.

JSON Path Syntax#

In some cases you can define a JSON Path. We use tidwall/gjson for this. A GJSON Path is a text string syntax that describes a search pattern for quickly retrieving values from a JSON payload.

There are two types of JSON Paths:

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